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While you're focusing on getting the best out of your team I don't want you to get stuck on the most important task of all; Sales Coaching! 

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Let me break down the steps you can implement immediately to become an effective Sales Coach for YOUR team.

Developing your team is crucial to ensuring their longevity and long lasting success as they grow under your expert guidance. Even though most sales managers agree that coaching is the most important aspect of a leaders role, the reality is that the act itself receives far less time than it needs to be effective.


Individual growth requires continuous training and practice to drive results and in this 5 part mini course, let me show exactly how to implement a coaching program that your team will thrive under!


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Instructional videos

Over 30 minutes, i'll walk you through the theory of coaching along with the framework needed to get it right to make sure your energy is going into the most productive actions every day.


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Here's what you'll learn....

Part 1: What is Sales Coaching and why it is important.

Did you know that 73% of Sales Managers spend less than 5% of their time coaching?

Let's not let that be you!


Part 2: Why your team need a sales coach.

When you start learning a new job or skill it can take a number of months to see results, especially if left to your own devices. Understand how Sales Coaching can accelerate learning and bring the best out of everyone on an individual level.


Part 3: They key to delivering effective coaching.

Lasting behavioural change in any human being, requires continuous ongoing enforcement. Here we'll work through the steps to take to make sure your coaching structure and delivery is of the highest standard.


Part 4: How to successfully coach your team.

The juicy part! in this lesson, we’re going to look at the act of Coaching itself and the 3 most important things to think about every time you work with your team.


Part 5: Who to coach and why.

Now that you know how to coach and get the best out of your team, its time to consider just how much time you should spend with each person on your team and how you go about deciding where your energy and guidance will see the best results.

Let's take your Sales Coaching to the next level!

Say goodbye to inconsistent results and low motivation, and HELLO to an engaged and happy team who have the support they need to THRIVE!


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