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The 20 commandments your sales team should follow

Updated: Jan 14

Becoming an expert at sales takes time, effort and a lot of practice. Ensuring your team is prepared, enthusiastic and ready to deliver a solution that helps your clients is imperative to long lasting success.

During your weekly coaching sessions, this is where you have the opportunity to find out what may be holding your team member back.

Check out the list below to see the top 20 commandments a successful sales person should never break. It's also a great checklist to use when trying to diagnose what may be causing a slump in performance.

Let's dive in...

1. Don’t Let The ‘No’s Get You Down!

It’s inevitable that you will receive more no’s than yes’s. Remember this is part of the process and make sure you ask questions to understand why your prospect has declined to give you insight for the next time. A no is one step closer to a YES!

2. Believe In What You Sell

If you can’t see the value your product can bring to the customer then how can you expect them to want to buy it from you? Your passion and tone is critical when trying to close that sale.

3. Persistence Overcomes Resistance

You must keep going whether it’s working on a new client acquisition or improving your sales ability. To achieve great results you must be prepared to keep knocking on doors and keep trying, above all. Becoming good at something takes practice.


Keep it simple, stupid. Remember not to over complicate the sale. Buyers will respond better to a well articulated, concise pitch that delivers a clear value proposition.

5. Listen

Don’t assume know the prospects answer before you ask the question. Let the conversation guide you naturally to the outcome. If your product is the right fit for the customer, letting them ask many questions will be the fastest way to achieving a sale.

6. Build Rapport

People buy people. Find a connection and get to know your buyer so you can provide a service that meets their true needs. When customers like you, they're more likely to trust you. When they trust you it helps to bring out their true needs and any objections they might have. Plus, it’s harder to say no to someone you like especially when they’ve worked so hard to provide a valuable solution to you.

7. Keep Control

Ensure you remain in control of your sale every step of the way. Once you have answered questions thank the client for their time and set the agenda for what is to come next so everyone leaves the conversation with time frames and actions.

8. Build Value

Don’t assume your customer needs one simple solution. Find out what their needs are and paint a clear picture of what you can do for them that will add value to their organisation or life.

9. Ask For The Sale

That’s fundamentally why you are speaking with them, right? When you have finished your pitch and answered any questions, go for that sale.

10. Enjoy The Silence

Whoever speaks first loses. It's important not to try and fill the silence with more selling. The more you talk the more the prospect feels your desperation. Those quiet moments mean your prospect is considering taking you up on your offer and your stillness shows strength in both you and your product.

11. Go Over And Above Wherever Possible

Set yourself apart from your competitors and deliver an incredible service that generates ‘sneezers’! As Seth Godin talks about in his book Purple Cow, sneezers are the people who love you and your product and let the whole world know all about it!

12. Observe And Learn From The Best Person On The Team

Hands down one of the quickest and easiest ways to learn in a new role. Study the person who has already perfected the role and is consistently closing every week and create your own style around the key attributes that make him/her successful.

13. Always Follow Up

Don’t be lazy! Not all sales are made quickly and its very important you keep your customer warm and stay in touch. Have a system in place that ensures no lead is overlooked.

14. Understand The Formula And Track KPIs

Look at your metrics and understand the numbers. Measure your success and follow the formula. These numbers are normally tried and tested with targets that have been set that result in successful outcomes when met.

15. Look After Your Clients

Looking after your existing clients is imperative to growing your individual targets and revenues. Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer!

16. Be An Expert

People want to buy from someone they trust and believe can deliver on the promises. Know your products inside out and be generous with sharing valuable information to assist with their decision making.

17. Be Prepared

Being able to act quickly and think on your feet is incredibly important. Have all the information around you need to be able to answer all questions that may pop up. And role play to get better at this

18. Make The First 10 Seconds Count

You only have a short window to get your customers attention so be strong and impactful so they want to hear more.

19. Understand Your Target Audience And Find Unique Ways To Reach Them

Don’t go for the scatter gun approach. This wastes both yours and the unqualified client’s time. Develop a strong leads list and treat each one individually, tailoring an approach for each that meets their requirements in the best way possible.

20. Check In Just To Say 'hello' From Time To Time

It can be a refreshing change for your clients to simply receive a call or email from you to say ‘hello’ or check in to find out how business is and if there may be any exciting developments on the horizon. When the pressure is off and they realise you’re not selling, you often find their guard comes down and more information to help you in the future is shared.

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